In one of the most popular and also one of the best songs ever written, John Lennon imagines a world without boundaries or religions; a world where people have nothing to kill for and nothing to die for; a world where there is no heaven or hell, but above us is only sky. I’m not an avid follower of music, but there are some songs that I’m hooked on to and am a huge fan of, and ‘Imagine‘ is one of them.

To have a world as imagined by Lennon is the dream of many; religion has done more harm than good; a lot of unnecessary and horrible actions are done in the name of religion; the fear of hell and the desire of heaven has clouded people’s judgment. But if there is any work of art that has influenced the most in achieving peace, it has to be Imagine.

There is no saying how much this song has influenced the world. Nearly 40 years after it was released, it is still the most famous song of peace ever written. Former US President Jimmy Carter said that in many countries around the world, “Imagine” is used almost equally with National Anthems. It is the official song of Amnesty International. Lennon created a concept country called Nutopia, for which this song was the inspiration. The Liverpool airport was named after Lennon, and painted on its ceiling is a phrase from the song: “Above us only sky”.

We can only hope Lennon’s Nutopia, some day, turns into reality.