I was ecstatic when India won the 3rd test match against Sri Lanka. Indian team became No.1 team in tests, after all. The elation was short lived, though. Just when the last wicket fell, the telecast shifted to an advertisement. An advertisement is not what any cricket fan would want to watch at the exact moment the match finishes! I think the jubilation at winning a match is a major part of any sport and I think it shouldn’t be replaced by advertisements. It adds so much more to a sport; brings out the human nature of the players. Neo Sports thought otherwise. *Bah!*
On the other hand, the media also pays way too much unnecessary attention to cricket in India. I agree it is a great sport and that we have some legends playing for India right now. But treating it like a religion is taking it too far. (I have always maintained that religions are the main cause of all trouble. Get the idea.) I know India is now the world #1 in test cricket. I know Sachin Tendulkar created history by <insert milestone here>. But what is the necessity to talk about it on TV for 3 full days? AajTak is a pain. It really is. Most of these people giving us their “expert opinion” either don’t know cricket or they don’t know how to speak. Mohinder Amarnath (my respects to him as a cricketer; he was an amazing one) sings about cricket and I’m really not interested in listening to a song about ANY sport, especially when it is sung by a person who cannot sing.
The media isn’t my main complaint about cricket these days, though. My main complaint is that there isn’t much importance given to test cricket. Most of the so-called cricket enthusiasts seem to have no idea about the elegance of test cricket. Tickets for the T20 between Sri Lanka and India were sold out completely but the tickets to the final day of the third test match were still available. Yes, T20 is good entertainment; but it isn’t good cricket. Cricket was never about hitting 30 fours and 15 sixes in 20 overs. It makes a mockery of the game. The amount of stamina, patience and skill it takes to play a test match is unlike that required in any other sport. I’m a huge fan of test cricket. Which is why I’m appalled by the way test cricket is perceived these days. Chris Gayle, the CAPTAIN of the  West Indies team has said, “I wont be crying if test cricket dies”. Ian Chappel wants to popularise three day test matches. The ongoing debate about if or not a review system is required is silly. Till November 2010, India will play just two test matches. The ICC isn’t doing much to improve the state of test cricket. Neither are the individual boards. BCCI is currently headed by a guy who hasn’t played any form of professional cricket. The whole top-level committee of the board seems to comprise of only cricket-ignorant-but-power-hungry people.(Our sports Minister seems pretty ignorant as well. He thinks F1 is not a sport. But I digress). The list of my problems with the cricket administration is just too long.
Cricket was a gentleman’s game; my emphasis on the word ‘was’. In many ways it still is, but as of today it is mostly filled with more rubbish (read media/T20/stupid ‘expert commentators’) than the actual sport. Pity, really.